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“The political minefield of parental rights in New Mexico”
by Elise Kaplan, Searchlight New Mexico
October 12, 2023

As far-right conservatives make a bid for school board seats throughout the state, disinformation about the way public schools are administered and the content and intent of the curriculum is on the rise. With the culture wars that infect national politics now dominating many local school races, the quality of education, student diversity and civil rights, free speech and a once-prized sense of community are at risk.

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Diana Tittle
Diana Tittle

Diana Tittle, a member of the board of Sierra County Public-Interest Journalism Project, was the editor of the Sierra County Sun, the Citizen's precursor. A former resident of Truth or Consequences who now lives part-time in northern New Mexico, she spent her 42-year professional career in Cleveland, Ohio, where she worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer and editor, book author and publisher and publishing consultant. She is the recipient of a Cleveland Arts Prize for Literature.

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