John Ofalltrades

John Ofalltrades

John Ofalltrades is the former editorial cartoonist for the Sierra County Sun. A respected area artist, John (who prefers a pseudonym to retain his anonymity) wants to continue his cartooning endeavors and share his perspectives with the Sierra County Citizen readers. All opinions expressed are his alone.

Running on empty

With the list of lawsuits growing like the giant’s beanstalk, Donald Trump is doing all he can to avoid an orange jumpsuit. At the same time, his followers fear that the truth will prove their blind support was misguided. They’re on a collision course. And it looks

No matter how you slice it

Now that former Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg has outed the Trump empire with his testimony to a New York court, Donald Trump can set his sights on a new career. One enabling him to use the one skill he’s mastered over his 76 years. And it’s a perfect fit.