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“Why Robert Hur Called Biden an ‘Elderly Man with a Poor Memory'”
by Jeannie Suk Gersen, The New Yorker
March 22, 2024

In the first media interview with former U.S. Department of Justice special counsel Robert K. Hur after the release of his report on whether Joe Biden had mishandled classified documents after leaving the vice presidency, Hur explains the meaning and intention of the report’s most controversial statement.

Click on the above link to read this limited-access exclusive. If a pop-up offering a discounted New Yorker subscription appears while you are reading, close it to continue reading to the interview’s end.


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Diana Tittle
Diana Tittle

Diana Tittle, a member of the board of Sierra County Public-Interest Journalism Project, was the editor of the Sierra County Sun, the Citizen's precursor. A former resident of Truth or Consequences who now lives part-time in northern New Mexico, she spent her 42-year professional career in Cleveland, Ohio, where she worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer and editor, book author and publisher and publishing consultant. She is the recipient of a Cleveland Arts Prize for Literature.

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  1. I think the timing of Hur’s report is unfortunate. And I wonder why it is so important to write what seems to be in some sections an opinion piece that put the President, who cooperated at every stage of the investigation and did not attempt to hide anything, in a bad light when there were no charges. My understanding is that this isn’t normal Justice Department policy but it seems to be acceptable for Republicans (Comey) the year before an election. I wouldn’t go so far as to call Hur’s report a hit piece (I haven’t read the whole thing) but this was a well written puff piece by an accomplished, intelligent writer which put Hur in an entirely favorable light. And the last sentence in the piece seems to expose her own bias.

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