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“The Zone of Interest is about the danger of ignoring atrocities – including in Gaza”
by Naomi Klein, The Guardian
March 14, 2024

Jonathan Glazer’s 2023 film about a family’s idyllic domestic life pursued in the shadows of Auschwitz concentration camp and his speech accepting this year’s Oscar for best international film drew out “continuities between the monstrous past and our monstrous present,” Klein posits.

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“Jonathan Glazer’s controversial Oscars speech and why people are still talking about it”
by Patrick Ryan and Marco della Cava, USA Today
March 20, 2024

Glazer’s comments were denounced by the Anti-Defamation League and in an open letter signed by 1,000 Jewish Hollywood executives, producers, directors and stars. More recently, other actors and filmmakers, as well as the head of the Auschwitz Memorial, have issued messages of support for the director, who is Jewish.

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Diana Tittle
Diana Tittle

Diana Tittle, a member of the board of Sierra County Public-Interest Journalism Project, was the editor of the Sierra County Sun, the Citizen's precursor. A former resident of Truth or Consequences who now lives part-time in northern New Mexico, she spent her 42-year professional career in Cleveland, Ohio, where she worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer and editor, book author and publisher and publishing consultant. She is the recipient of a Cleveland Arts Prize for Literature.

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  1. every day, with every report of what’s going on in Gaza, I find horrifying. I lay this at the feet of Netanyahu, who is concerned with his own political future rather than the genocide that he is perpetrating on the Palestinian people it is appalling.

  2. I fail to understand the logic people use to assert that the Israeli army must go in and not stop until all of Hamas is uprooted and destroyed. If that were even possible it will rise again under a different name and perhaps in a different country. And much of the blame at this point is on the Israelis, who have ended up creating, from the rubble, thousands of future terrorists, children now but not forever.

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