Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan is a retired landscape architect who spent most of his 35 year career in Arizona and New Mexico. His current career is giving Chautauquas or Living History performances, as Aldo Leopold. He happily calls Kingston, New Mexico his home now, nestled in the Black Range Mountains only 3 miles from the Aldo Leopold Wilderness. His writings are strongly shaped by Aldo Leopold’s love of the wild lands, with respect and compassion for the land – the soils, waters, plants and animals. Steve’s compassion for nature is evident by his strong, driving desire to open people’s eyes to the marvel and joy of experiencing the natural world.

Aftermath delight

The moments after experiencing a wondrous nature wow, are often a quiet time of reflection. Reaching back and replaying the moments is a skill so worth developing. A recent early morn thunderstorm was such a moment for me. I can only hope others were wowed by the same storm.

Finding joy

These days, finding joy seems to be a challenge. We do find joy in our sunrises. Sitting in the dark, sipping a fresh cup of coffee and absorbing the incremental changes as night sounds and dark skies give way to…

The intruder

Can you imagine the terror wildlife experience when approaching a busy roadway? Deer and coyotes sense the danger but snakes, lizards, turtles and even tarantulas high-stepping their way do not. Can the Intruders become good neighbors? Please, be more observant of the wildlife that bring us joy in observation.