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Stuff you need to know, 1.17.24

Today's intelligence from state and/or national reporting: New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science researchers reveal the identity of a massive Tyrannosaurus rex relative, after intensive re-examination of fossilized skull pieces discovered three decades ago in Sierra County.

New Year sermon from a pagan

An outsider looks at revenge, punishment, and retaliation in the three holy texts of the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – in order to understand what is happening in Gaza today. Shaped as a Christian sermon and so addressed to the faithful, the study comes in three parts.

Stuff you need to know, 12.15.23

Today's intelligence from state and national reporting: The New York Times sent a reporter to Sierra County to observe Virgin Galactic's sixth launch at Spaceport America last month. He came back with this full-blown assessment of the history and impact of New Mexico's massive investment in new aerospace industries. Even if you're sick of reading about VG and the Spaceport, the article's color photographs of Truth or Consequences are not to be missed.